What is Reasonably Moderate?

Reasonably Moderate is a joint project of Chris Fegan and Matt Mazewski that seeks to examine politics, religion, and culture through debates, essays and discussions. The discussions are key; this isn’t just a blog that happens to have two contributors who never talk to one another.

What do you discuss?

We’re most interested in American politics and economic policy, Millennial culture, the Catholic Church, and the intersection of any subset thereof (you might be getting some sense of our demographic profile). We also write about New Jersey on occasion, because that’s where we live and because Chris Christie.

But everybody’s got a blog about “politics, religion, and culture” these days. What makes this different?

As we said above, RM features a mix of solo posts and conversations/debates. That adds something unique – not only do you get to hear from each of us individually, but you get to see us argue as well (productively, we hope). Part of our objective is to find subjects where we disagree, and then try to figure out why we disagree and where we might have some common ground.

Ah, great! Another site run by two white men who are presumably cisgendered, heterosexual, and appear to hail from similar socioeconomic backgrounds.   How can you claim to have productive discourse when you both have such limited lived experiences?

Great question.  We certainly acknowledge that our individual perspectives are limited, and it goes without saying that our thoughts are not the end-all-be-all by any means.  Our goal with this site is to weigh in when we have strong opinions on a given topic, but also to modify our beliefs when presented with new arguments and viewpoints, either through our daily reading or through our conversations with friends and interesting people.

We don’t claim to be authoritative and we’re definitely not perfect.  But we’re always trying to look beyond our inherent biases in order to present arguments that are as fair as possible.  We hope you’ll let us know when you see something you disagree with; your voice is a key part of our discourse.

So since you’re trying to be “moderate,” that means you’re never going to say anything that might be controversial, right?

No. To us, moderation does not mean always splitting the difference between pro and con, or always trying to find the “centrist” position. We see moderation as an approach that emphasizes understanding an issue well before formulating an opinion and taking account of diverse perspectives along the way. So sometimes we’ll pick sides, but even if you disagree we hope that you’ll recognize that we have good reasons for doing so. These two pieces should give you a better sense of what we’re trying to accomplish:

Thoughts on Moderation

Writing With Rational Humility

How can I keep up with Reasonably Moderate?

You can follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/reasonablymoderate) or Twitter (@reasonablymod) for automatic updates when new posts are published. We can also be reached by email at reasonablymoderateblog@gmail.com.

What do you guys do for a living? Is there any kind of conflict of interest here?

Ah, we should probably offer a disclaimer. One of us is a graduate student in economics and the other works in publishing. Our commentary on issues related to either of these areas represents our personal views alone. It is in no way reflective of the views of our employers or academic institutions, nor is it based on any confidential information that we might come across as a result of our professional duties.

One last question: do you ever have cat videos?

Get out.

I’m not afraid of you. I seriously doubt two self-proclaimed moderates are about to beat me up.

We said we’re reasonably moderate. There will be no cat videos here.

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