The Second of the First Posts

Welcome to Reasonably Moderate and thanks for reading.  We’ve been planning this for quite some time and we’re thrilled to get it off the ground.

Matt laid out the guiding principles for the site in his first post.  I echo his sentiment about how we hope to elicit constructive debates through the discussion of contemporary issues and events.  We hope you’ll add your voice to these conversations.  The benefit of the blog lies in testing our initial assumptions and arguments in a streamlined form, and I hope your feedback will be a part of this process.

A brief word about the general content that I’ll be posting.  While I plan on writing about the triad of politics, culture, and religion, my areas of interest skew towards the cultural side of things, primarily publishing, technology, literature, education, economics, and media.  My daily commute affords me a great deal of time to listen to music, so a number of posts (at least initially) will concern the stuff I’ve been sampling over the past year.

My next post will focus on the role of the “review” and how I plan to approach the concept of analyzing content of all kinds.  This will include a critical architecture of my approach to writing for this site.  I mention this because I think it’s important to understand the motivations and biases of who you read, and our goal is to be as open and transparent as possible.  So please be sure to check this out.

That’s about it.  Thanks again for reading- we’re excited to kick this thing off, and we hope you’ll enjoy the results.

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