The First of the First Posts

It’s happening at last! After a (very) lengthy gestation, Reasonably Moderate has arrived. Chris and I have been having nauseatingly respectful intellectual slugfests in real life for quite some time – at least half a decade by our latest reckoning – so we’re excited to finally be having them in a forum where we can let spectators in on the action.

As we note on the “About” page, RM is going to feature discussions about politics, religion, and culture, with an inevitable focus on America, Catholicism, and our own Millennial generation. While each of us has a certain set of pet topics that we like to write about, our goal is to engage each other regularly and do our best to find subjects about which we can have constructive debates. I mean slugfests.

My own hope is that the existence of RM will act as an incentive for me to finally record a greater percentage of my ideas in written form, and that the blog will serve as a nice repository of my interactions with Chris. What would otherwise be hidden from the eyes of the world in a secret Facebook thread is now available for the enjoyment of the masses.

So welcome! We look forward to hearing your thoughts and reading your comments as this gets underway. The more the merrier. Just remember, keep it reasonable.

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